Lexi LX 155

Unleash the spirit of exploration on the vibrant roads of Bali with the Yamaha Lexi, available for rent at Onbike Bali. This dynamic and stylish scooter is designed for those who crave both performance and elegance in their journey.

The Yamaha Lexi offers a thrilling ride with its powerful engine, responsive handling, and sleek design. Navigate Bali's diverse landscapes with ease, from the bustling streets of Kuta to the tranquil temples in Ubud. The Lexi's sporty yet comfortable design ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for riders seeking both adventure and style.

Designed for urban commuting and leisurely escapes, the Yamaha Lexi features advanced technology, including a user-friendly digital display, ample storage space, and efficient fuel consumption. Whether you're cruising along the scenic coastal roads or exploring the cultural gems of Bali, the Yamaha Lexi guarantees a memorable and effortless ride.

Onbike Bali takes pride in providing well-maintained and reliable scooters for your Bali adventure. Rent the Yamaha Lexi and elevate your journey with a perfect combination of performance, style, and practicality. Seize the opportunity to explore Bali in comfort and make every ride an adventure to remember. Reserve your Yamaha Lexi today and embark on an unforgettable two-wheeled exploration of the Island of the Gods.


  • Maximum Comfort
  • Automatic Gear
  • Free 1 or 2 Helmet and Phone Holder
  • Extensive quality check
  • Free delivery and return
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